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Finally, A Commander deck box that is visually stunning and actually holds 100 double sleeved cards!

A commander deck can say a lot about a person and their play style. Why not have a deck box that does the same? After spending many hours in the shop working on creating the best and most functional design, I am finally able to offer the Badger Box! It is a Commander deck box that is truly stunning and offers complete function and protection. Each commander deck box is hand made specifically to fit 100 double sleeved magic cards, because why buy a nice deck box to protect the deck if you have to single sleeve it just so it fits? That was always a problem I had and what initially inspired the creation of these exceptional deck boxes. Each box also features a leather bottom, high end hardware and a hand polished pvc free finish. Ever accidentally crush a card with a lid? Well that problem was solved with the addition of an inner "box" which keep the card away from the lid and create a space that has no wiggle room. Do the shake test with confidence, your cards wont shake and become damaged. All of these design features are unique to the Badger Box Commander deck boxes. The best part is, I have fit all of these features into 2 unique designs that fit the demands of most play style. One has a commander slot for a top loader for that special commander, the second features a dice tray.

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